A Moving Border: Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change

In the past year we have been working on a book based on Italian Limes that expands the themes of the project with the contribution of leading authors and theorists. We are now glad to announce that it will be published in the winter 2018.

The book charts the effects of global warming on political limits, and questions the adequacy of current cartographies to represent natural change. Locating the Italian condition alongside a longer political history of boundary making, the book brings together critical essays, visualizations, and unpublished archive documents. By examining the nexus of nationalism and cartography, A Moving Border details how borders are both material and imagined, and the ways global warming challenges Western conceptions of territory. Even more, it provides a blueprint for spatial intervention in a world where ecological processes are bound to dominate geopolitical affairs.

The book is authored by Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pasqual and Andrea Bagnato. It includes contributions by Bruno Latour, Stuart Elden, Mia Fuller, Francesca Hughes and Wu Ming 1.

Published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City and ZKM—Center for Art and Media.

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